Beaumont Attorneys for Eye Injuries from Car Accidents
Last Updated : December 19, 2022

Beaumont Attorneys for Eye Injuries from Car Accidents

Our eyes are a delicate, essential part of us. If someone develops vision problems or loses their eyesight after a car accident, they may face a lengthy, expensive treatment process compounded by lost time at work. They may also lose the ability to navigate daily tasks or enjoy cathartic pastimes, which can impact their emotional well-being.

If you sustained an eye injury in a car crash that wasn’t your fault, you might be entitled to financial compensation for medical expenses, missed time at work, and other losses. The Beaumont car accident attorneys of Portner Bond, PLLC have over seven decades of combined experience fighting for injured clients in the Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange areas. For a free consultation, contact us at (409) 838-4444 today.

Types of Eye Injuries that Occur in Car Accidents

eye injury from car accidentEye injuries encompass a variety of types and levels of severity. Even a minor eye injury, however, can have serious consequences. Some eye injuries we’ve encountered in our cases include:

  • Corneal abrasions – Corneal abrasions are shallow scratches to the eye’s protective outer layer. They may cause annoying light sensitivity or discomfort, but they usually heal after a few days.
  • Orbital fractures – The blunt-force impact of car accidents can fracture the bones around the eye. Orbital fractures often cause vision problems, and to avoid permanent damage, a patient may need surgery to reconstruct the bone.
  • Foreign body injuries – A foreign object, such as dust, shrapnel, glass, or even a contact lens, can scratch or penetrate the eye’s surface. You will need medical assistance to remove the object if it’s embedded in the eye.
  • Chemical burns – If a strong acid or alkaline substance enters the eye, chemical burns can result. In the best case, they cause redness and temporary blurred vision, but a severe chemical burn can result in blindness. Immediate medical attention to wash out the eye can improve a patient’s outcome.
  • Detachment of the retina – A blunt-force impact could cause the retina to detach from the rest of the eye, requiring urgent surgery. Retinal detachments can lead to permanent blindness if left untreated.
  • Iritis – Iritis is an inflammation of the iris that could result from trauma. Symptoms include blurry vision, floaters, and dull pain. In severe cases, vision problems can persist long-term or become permanent.
  • Traumatic optic neuropathy – Traumatic optic neuropathy (TON) affects the nerves connecting the eyes to the brain. It can occur as a complication of an orbital fracture or from the shock of a hard impact.
  • Traumatic hyphema – A hyphema occurs when blood pools in front of the iris. While some hyphemas heal on their own, others can have permanent consequences for a patient’s vision. Therefore, they require immediate attention to provide appropriate care and rule out or avoid complications.

How We Build an Eye Injury Case

photos of car accidentYour lawyer will investigate the car accident to begin the personal injury case process. Our team takes a comprehensive approach that centers on two common goals.

First, we need to determine the “facts of the case” by:

  • Identifying all drivers and pedestrians involved in the accident
  • Determining each person’s role in the accident
  • Obtaining official reports about the accident from local or state police
  • Gathering photos, videos, and surveillance footage of the accident as it happened
  • Obtaining and interpreting documentation that outlines the injuries you sustained
  • Gathering proof of your non-economic losses, such as emotional distress and lost quality of life
  • Seeking expert advice and testimony from medical and financial professionals

Our second goal is to use all the information we gather to identify who could be liable to compensate you. While the at-fault driver often has at least some liability, other parties could have contributed to your injuries through their negligent behavior.

For example, Abel drives the wrong way down Calder Avenue and crashes head-on into Baker’s car. Baker sustains neck injuries, a broken rib, and a severe scratch to his right eye from flying metal. A trooper from the Texas Highway Patrol responds to the scene and writes an accident report, opining that Abel was at fault for what happened.

Baker’s lawyer obtains a copy of the report and finds that her client’s airbag deployed immediately before the impact. She looks further into the vehicle’s components and notices the airbag was part of a recall issued for flying shrapnel. If she can show that the defective airbag caused his eye injuries, the manufacturer could be liable for damages.

Settlements and Lawsuits in an Eye Injury Case

Once your lawyer completes their investigation, they will attempt to open negotiations with the liable party’s insurer. Sometimes, discussions may happen directly between both legal teams. Other times, both sides will collaborate to choose a third-party mediator, whose job is to identify areas for compromise and move the case toward a resolution.

Most of the time, personal injury cases settle and do not go to trial. Not every negotiation, however, will result in a settlement. Your lawyer will have a lawsuit ready to file if an insurer continues making unreasonable lowball offers or does not act cooperatively.

The Deadline to File an Eye Injury Lawsuit in Texas

eye injuries from car accidentAccording to Texas law, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit from the day your car accident occurred. The court will likely dismiss your case if it determines the statutory deadline has expired before you file.

The sooner you secure a lawyer’s services, and the more options they have to fight for you, the better your chances of securing a settlement or winning compensation in court. If the deadline expires before your lawsuit is ready to file, your legal team will have significantly less leverage in settlement negotiations.

Consult a Beaumont, TX, Car Accident Attorney

The Beaumont car accident attorneys of Portner Bond, PLLC will work on your behalf to pursue justice after an eye injury changes your life. Chris Portner and Trent Bond are among the one percent of lawyers nationwide who have secured multi-million dollar verdicts. Mr. Bond is also Board Certified in personal injury law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, official recognition of his experience, rigor, and comprehensive knowledge.

For a free, personalized case review, use our online system or contact our office at (409) 838-4444 today.

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