Uber Accident Lawyer In Beaumont

Last Updated : January 25, 2024

Uber Accident Lawyer in Beaumont

The ease and convenience of getting a ride through Uber can make transportation a breeze for nearly everyone. The company has seen tremendous growth since it first launched in 2009. Uber reports about 21 million trips per day. When an Uber ride goes smoothly, we can go about our day afterward without a second thought. However, accidents can happen.

If you have been hurt in an Uber accident that you did not cause, you might be entitled to financial compensation. Using the Uber app, you need to report the accident to Uber as soon as possible. You can also submit an accident form on their website. If you do not immediately advise Uber of an insurance claim, Uber might deny your claim.

You should also call an experienced lawyer to discuss your situation. Contact Portner Bond, PLLC at (409) 838-4444 to speak with one of our Beaumont car accident lawyers.

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    What Is an Uber?

    Uber is the name of a company that provides ridesharing services. All communication is done through a smartphone app, including requesting a ride and making payments. Uber uses independent contractors as drivers for their company.

    When a person works as an Uber driver, they use their personal vehicle to provide transportation to customers who have requested a ride in the app. The name “Uber” refers to the company itself, although it is also used to describe the car that provides the ride. A customer may say, “I’m taking an Uber,” when describing how they will get to a certain location.

    How Do Uber Accidents Happen?

    beaumont uber accident

    Since an Uber is a passenger vehicle, Uber accidents are car accidents. An Uber accident can happen for the same reasons as those that cause any other car accident. However, Uber accidents can also be caused due to situations unique to ridesharing.

    Since all communication occurs through the app, an Uber driver uses their smartphone frequently while working. Many drivers have mounts for their smartphones. This allows them to view navigation directions hands-free. However, this does not necessarily make the situation safe.

    In addition to viewing navigation, drivers also receive and respond to trip requests while driving. This means that their attention may frequently be divided. As a result, distracted driving is a common cause of Uber accidents.

    Uber drivers are paid for each trip they take. The more efficient they are, the more trips they can complete. An Uber driver may drive in a manner that aims to complete each trip as quickly as possible to earn more money. Speeding, reckless driving, or driving too fast for road conditions could result.

    Drivers working for Uber may also work long shifts that extend late into the night. This can lead to driver fatigue, which impairs their reaction time and can affect judgment. Accidents could be caused by their failure to yield the right of way or failure to stop at a red light or stop sign.

    Insurance Coverage for Uber Accidents

    If you were a passenger in an Uber or if an Uber driver hit your car, the Uber driver may be at fault for your injuries and losses. Uber maintains insurance for its drivers. The driver’s status at the time of the accident determines the type and amount of insurance coverage that will be available. The driver may have been:

    • Offline or the Uber Driver app was turned off — the Uber driver’s personal insurance coverage applies.
    • Waiting for a ride request — Uber’s liability insurance would apply if the driver’s personal policy either does not apply or if the amounts are lower than Uber’s coverage. Uber’s liability coverage is for $50,000 bodily injury per person, $100,000 bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 property damage per accident.
    • On the way to pick up a passenger, or the driver already had a passenger in their car for an Uber trip — Uber’s liability insurance applies with up to $1,000,000 coverage.

    If you are an Uber driver and another driver crashes into your vehicle and is found at fault, you might also be covered by Uber’s insurance. Specifically, this occurs once you have accepted an Uber trip.

    The coverage is the same regardless of whether you were en route to pick up a rider or if you already had passengers in the car. Uber’s insurance is for uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury and may also include first-party injury protection. This may apply to bodily injury caused to yourself as the driver as well as riders in your vehicle at the time of the crash.

    Do I Need an Attorney?

    lawyer for uber accidentPursuing compensation after an Uber accident is complex. Navigating this process without a lawyer can be overwhelming and confusing. You’ll need to investigate to determine what happened and who is at fault for the accident.

    The investigation will include collecting and analyzing a significant amount of documentation and evidence. This may include:

    • The police report
    • Photos from the accident scene
    • Any available dashcam video
    • Eyewitness statements
    • Medical bills

    An experienced car accident attorney will handle all collection of evidence as they build a strong case for you.

    Insurance companies are known for doing whatever they can to avoid paying money to injured victims. One way they may do this is by making settlement offers that are for compensation than you may be entitled to.

    They hope you are eager or desperate to settle your case. An experienced attorney will be able to recognize whether an offer includes all the components of compensation to which you may be entitled and can advise you to reject insufficient offers. You could be eligible for compensation for:

    • Medical bills
    • Prescription medication
    • Physical therapy
    • Future medical treatment
    • Lost wages
    • Loss of future earning capacity
    • Pain and suffering
    • Disfigurement

    Most personal injury cases settle before they go to trial, but if settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, your attorney can take your case to court to pursue compensation for you.

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    If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident in Texas that was caused by someone else, you might be entitled to financial compensation. You need to speak with an experienced car accident attorney about your case as soon as possible. You should not have to be responsible for paying for someone else’s mistake.

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