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Last Updated : June 1, 2022

Five Ways to Prevent a Car Accident

Posted on Monday, December 20th, 2021 at 4:12 pm    

Accidents happen. Anyone can find themselves involved in a collision with another motor vehicle, pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist. You could cross paths with a careless driver and suffer injuries if you can’t get out of their way. It might seem like preventing a car crash is nearly impossible. However, there are some tips you can follow to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Below are five ways you can prevent an accident while driving your car.

Focus on the Road

Distractions are everywhere. Most people keep their cell phones handy while driving. Even if you have your phone connected to Bluetooth, talking or using speech to text can significantly impair your driving abilities. It’s crucial to avoid all distractions and keep your attention on your surroundings at all times.

Cell phones aren’t the only distractions that can pull your focus away from operating your motor vehicle safely. You should also avoid eating, drinking, or doing any activity that takes your eyes, hands, or focus off the task of driving.

Watch for Pedestrians

You will likely cross paths with a pedestrian if you drive through the suburbs or any location with a crosswalk. You can also find pedestrians walking on sidewalks and through parking lots. Pedestrians are vulnerable to severe injuries and death during collisions with cars. They don’t have the same protection as the occupants of motor vehicles. They have no airbags or seatbelts, so pedestrians can’t shield themselves from the impact of a crash.

Pay attention to foot traffic carefully, so you know when you need to slow down or stop. If you’re driving through a parking lot, look around for anyone crossing in front of you on their way to a store or their car. You should also be on the lookout for pedestrians when you’re backing out of parking spaces.

Slow Down

Speeding isn’t only illegal but also reckless. When you exceed the speed limit, you have less control over your car and can’t brake in time to avoid a pedestrian, road hazard, or stopped vehicle ahead. Anytime you exceed the speed limit or drive too fast for adverse weather or road conditions, you put other people at risk of serious harm.

Whether you’re driving on the highway or in a secluded area, you should adjust your speed accordingly. If it’s raining heavily, slow down, so you don’t hydroplane and lose control of your car. You should also maintain a safe speed if you’re on a congested road or in an area with many pedestrians. Slowing down gives you the necessary time to stop and avoid a collision.

Follow Traffic Signs and Signals

Traffic signals and signs direct drivers and non-motorists safely around each other. If you run a red light at an intersection, you could crash into a vehicle already in the middle. Ignoring a sign warning you of a sharp turn ahead could cause you to jump the curb or end up in the wrong lane facing oncoming traffic.

You should always follow the signs and signals you see on the road. Whether it’s a merge sign, stop sign, red light, yield sign, or flashing lights in a school zone, do what you’re supposed to do and proceed with caution. 

Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Vehicle maintenance is vital year-round. You probably have a car dealership or auto body shop you go to when you need a repair. However, you should also stay on top of routine maintenance. All vehicles have a manual indicating how often you should bring your car in for a tune-up. It might be every three months or six months. Some vehicles require maintenance based on the mileage.

Maintaining your car adequately can prevent serious problems from arising. You need to top off your fluids, rotate your tires, and check for potential issues. If you find damage or discover one of the parts has been recalled, bring your car in immediately. A malfunctioning part could prevent you from controlling your vehicle and lead to a crash.

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