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Last Updated : November 2, 2022

Five Ways to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on Friday, April 1st, 2022 at 2:44 pm    

Motorcycle accidents are especially dangerous because motorcyclists are not protected in the same way that drivers are in motor vehicles. There are several reasons why riding a motorcycle can put you at a higher risk of being involved in a crash.

It is safe to say that you should steer clear of riding in inclement weather as it reduces the traction you have on the road. Also, avoid driving while intoxicated. But did you know there are other measures you can take to reduce your risk of getting into a motorcycle accident? If you have pressing questions about your case, reach out to us today.

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Wear Appropriate Gear

Gearing up won’t necessarily prevent motorcycle accidents, but it will protect you should you have one. Wear long pants and sleeves that are made of thick protective material to avoid damage to your arms and legs.

Consider a hard protective vest that will take most of the friction on the road against your spine or chest. Don’t forget to wear gloves, since your hand is usually the first thing that goes to the ground as you’re falling. Eye protection and durable boots will help protect your eyesight and your ankles, even if the bike doesn’t get laid down.

Stay Alert

Unfortunately, motorists can be a very real danger to a cyclist. You must always be ready for cars to make sudden lane changes, swerve, come to a sudden stop, or find motor-vehicle debris in the road ahead of you. Staying alert is called” situational awareness” and is something you should practice every time you get on the bike.

Practicing situational awareness will help you to see hazards that appear suddenly on the road. For example, potholes, gravel, shredded tire bits, and railroad tracks may take an inexperienced rider by surprise and cause an accident.

When you see a hazard on the road that you cannot avoid, remember not to accelerate or decelerate over it but rather ride smoothly and keep the bike upright. Practicing situational awareness will help you to see hazards ahead of time so that you can take the correct action before you get there.

Be Seen

Motor vehicle drivers don’t always see motorcyclists on the road. There are several things you can do to make yourself more visible. Wear a brightly colored jacket, helmet, and reflective elements on both your front and back so drivers in both lanes can see you coming and going.

Always keep your headlight on, day and night. As you’re coming into an intersection or an area where cars may not see you, flash your headlight to make it more obvious that a motorcycle is coming.

While riding, use the section of the lane that makes you most visible to the motorists around you. If you aren’t sure that a motorist sees you, use your horn. Many accidents happen at intersections when a motorist turns left in front of you or you take a turn too quickly. Keep your eyes and mind on the road ahead of you.

Get Educated

Motorcycles do not react to the road in the same way that cars do. If you are a new motorcyclist, take an appropriate safety class to help you become a better defensive rider and reduce your chance of being in an accident.

These classes usually take one to three days of classwork and riding practice under the supervision of an instructor. This helps educate riders about how to safely operate the motorcycle. After your class, it’s important to practice, practice, and then practice some more. Knowing how to handle situations before they happen helps to prevent a disaster.

Know Your Skills

One of the biggest ways you can avoid an accident is by knowing and understanding your skills. You’ll learn new skills by getting yourself out of your comfort zone, but that only applies to motorcycle riding when you’re under controlled conditions in a parking lot.

If you are uncomfortable with a situation on the road, get yourself out of it immediately. Your discomfort does not mean that you are not a confident rider, but that you know your own abilities and your limits. When you’re placed in a situation where you are not comfortable, it can cause an overreaction that can easily lead to a deadly accident.

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