Beaumont Car Accident Attorneys for Neck Injuries
Last Updated : July 25, 2022

Beaumont Car Accident Attorneys for Neck Injuries

According to an analysis in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention, there are about 869,000 crash-related cervical spine injuries seen in hospitals each year in the United States. There are likely even more neck injuries from car accidents that are not treated at a hospital, especially those that occur at low speeds. But even at low speeds (as low as six to nine miles per hour in one study), neck injuries such as whiplash can occur because of the rapid deceleration.

If you experienced a neck injury from a car accident in Beaumont, Texas, you likely already know how painful these injuries can be. Beyond the physical pain, you may also be suffering financially, emotionally, and mentally from the burden of the accident. You do not have to suffer alone.

The Beaumont car accident attorneys of Portner Bond, PLLC have helped many Beaumont clients to persevere through the difficult moments after a car accident and recover much-needed compensation for their injuries. We’ll put our 85 years of combined experience to work for you and stop at nothing until you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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What Happens if My Accident Report Is Incorrect?

Anatomy of the Neck

The neck is a generalized area of the body. It contains part of your spinal column called the cervical spine, which is comprised of seven bones or vertebrae that are stacked on top of each other. The seven vertebrae are connected via a facet joint. Intervertebral discs sit between each vertebra and act as shock absorbers. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves surround, connect to, or run through your neck.

The neck also contains key components of multiple bodily systems. Your spinal cord, the main communication channel of the nervous system, runs through your neck. Your vocal cords and voice box, or larynx, are housed within your neck. Your esophagus, the tube to your stomach, runs through the neck. Airways to your lungs run through the neck as well. Contact us today.

Signs of a Neck Injury

If you were involved in a car accident, look for these signs and symptoms of a neck injury:

  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Difficulty moving your head side-to-side or up-and-down
  • Muscle spasms
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Tingling that is either localized or radiates down your arms
  • Weakness
  • Numbness
  • Pain that is either localized or radiates through the upper body
  • Difficulty breathing or speaking
  • Loss of feeling below the neck
  • Paralysis

Types of Neck Injuries

The types of neck injuries caused by car accidents can range from mild and temporary to severe and permanent. Neck injuries seen most often from car accidents include:

  • Lacerations – Most car accidents involve broken glass or flying debris, which can cause lacerations or cuts to accident victims. Severe lacerations in the neck can be especially concerning because of the high concentration of critical bodily systems, including the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems.
  • Sprains or strains – Neck sprains and strains have similar symptoms, but they affect different parts of the anatomy. A sprain is a torn ligament, which connects bone to bone. A strain occurs in a muscle or a tendon, which connects bone to muscle. Sprains and strains can range from mild to complete tears.
  • Herniated disc – Also called a bulging or slipped disc, a herniated disc occurs when some of the soft interior of an intervertebral disc pushes through its thick exterior. The sudden impact of a car accident can cause a crack in the outer shell of the disc, resulting in a herniated disc that can compress nerves in the neck. Herniated discs in the neck can cause pain, numbness, and tingling in the neck, arms, and hands.
  • Pinched nerve – Damage to soft tissues, bones, or discs in the neck can compress surrounding nerves, which can cause shooting pain, numbness, and tingling in the neck and throughout the upper limbs.
  • Facet joint injury – The facet joints connect the vertebrae to one another. A car accident can inflame these joints, causing pain. Even worse, high-impact car accidents could cause a facet joint to dislocate, making the use of a neck brace necessary.
  • Whiplash – Whiplash occurs when the neck is snapped forward and backward suddenly and rapidly, resulting in injury to the soft tissues in the neck as well as discs, nerves, and joints.
  • Neck fracture – A fracture or break that occurs in one or multiple vertebrae is a very serious injury. Because the vertebrae protect the spinal cord, a vertebral neck fracture could result in paralysis.

What Happens if My Accident Report Is Incorrect?

Treatment for Neck Injuries

Your treatment protocol will depend on the specific diagnosis of your neck injury. You should seek medical attention as soon as possible after a car accident for a proper evaluation from a medical professional. They may prescribe one or more of the following:

  • Rest
  • Icing the injured area
  • Pain medication, including over-the-counter or prescription medication
  • Neck bracing
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage
  • Chiropractic care
  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Spinal cord stimulator
  • Surgical treatments

What Happens if My Accident Report Is Incorrect?

How a Neck Injury Lawyer Can Help After a Car Accident

After a car accident, it may be difficult to imagine doing anything other than resting and recuperating. That’s why you need to hire an experienced neck injury lawyer who can help you shoulder some of the burden of pursuing compensation. After a car accident, a neck injury attorney can help you:

  • Investigate the accident – Proving fault after a car accident is no simple task. Thorough investigatory work is required to gather the necessary evidence to prove fault and establish liability. An attorney can request the Texas peace officer’s crash report, take photos of the accident scene, seek surveillance footage of the accident, interview eyewitnesses, and track down any other pertinent information.
  • Evaluate your legal options – It can be nerve-racking to make difficult decisions after a car accident, like whether to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against an at-fault driver. A lawyer can help you understand your legal options, the pros and cons of each option, the timeline of your case, and the potential settlement amount.
  • Stand up to the insurance company – Insurance companies are notorious for pressuring, confusing, manipulating, and even intimidating accident victims into taking a settlement that is far less than what they need and deserve to fully recover. An experienced car accident attorney, like those at Portner Bond, PLLC, will stand up to the insurance company on your behalf and fight for the maximum amount of compensation.
  • Recover compensation – With an attorney’s help, you may be able to recover compensation for economic and non-economic losses associated with the accident, including:
    • Medical bills
    • Ongoing medical treatment
    • Lost wages
    • Future loss of earnings
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental or emotional anguish

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